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We start by using only the finest locally-sourced pigs for our succulent spit roasts and take great pride in knowing that our farm-reared East Sussex pigs are traceable from field to fork! Proper preparation, slow roasting and the infusion of our in-house made marinade always deliver a moist and deliciously tender hog roast with plenty of perfect, crispy crackling!

Hog roast with golden crackling after it has been raised out of the hog roast machine
Hog roast with golden dark crackling next to gas burners inside hog roast machine
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Included in the cost of your hog roast catering would be professional uniformed chefs and everything we would need to freshly prepare, cook and serve your hog roast menu including sage and onion stuffing, homemade apple sauce, freshly baked baps and our hoisin BBQ sauce with ginger and spring onions. Sides and salads can always be added to your hog roast feast!

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Tabouleh - Moroccan style couscous salad with tomatoes, red onion, cucumber, mint and lemon juice

Greek salad with feta cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, olives, mixed field greens, red onion and oregano

Assorted mixed greens, cucumber, tomatoes and pomegranate with a balsamic vinaigrette

Fusilli pasta salad with spinach, sun dried tomatoes, pesto, sweet corn and Parmesan

Sliced tomato and mozzarella with torn basil and a reduced balsamic vinegar

Orzo and lentil salad with beetroot, feta cheese, mint and olives

Carrots and green beans with tarragon butter

Roasted potatoes with rosemary and garlic

Grilled and buttered corn on the cob

New potatoes with mint and butter

Braised and buttered red cabbage

Cauliflower and broccoli au gratin

Homemade classic potato salad

Tomato and chili mac & cheese

Homemade creamy coleslaw

Cajun spiced potato wedges

Mediterranean potato salad

Classic Caesar salad

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Whole pig being cooked in the hog roast machine showing the burners with flames
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We want to say the biggest thank you for everything you and your staff did for us. Our wedding was everything we wanted and more! The food was just spectacular and was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. We wish we could do it all again! Thank you to Marcus and his team for making our daughter's wedding day memorable from canapés to bbq to evening buffet! We didn’t really know for sure if it would all go ahead but Marcus was fab and so understanding of the situation! Thank you. 😊
Sarah and Joe's Wedding Reception held on 2nd July 2021, Canapés and Barbecue, Hog Roast for the Evening Food for 150 guests, Milwards Estate, Laughton, East Sussex
Five star reviews
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Our professional chefs are fully-qualified and hold certifications in food and hygiene safety. Every member of our staff is dedicated to providing cuisine of the highest standard for all guests. We can accommodate any food allergies or intolerances so long as we are informed of dietary restrictions at least two weeks prior to the date of the event.

Elite Food Hygiene Award
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Office: 01825 508 419
Mobile: 07889 802 592

Strip of golden crispy crackling with tiny portion of hog roast